Emergence Creative, in partnership with the American Civil Liberties Union (ALCU), launched a thought-provoking campaign today, April 3rd 2017, to remind the public of their First Amendment rights, as well as reassure immigrants that they too are protected by the U.S. Constitution. Conceived as a reaction to President Trump’s attempted Muslim ban, the campaign features the First Amendment in Arabic, Spanish and English.



Specifically highlighting the importance of First Amendment rights and the protection they offer to any person - U.S. citizen or not - the campaign was conceived by Emergence Creative in New York in December 2016 after Donald Trump was elected president on a wave of anti-immigrant sentiment and a pledge to ban Muslims from entering the United States.


“I grew up in Virginia, in Thomas Jefferson’s back yard, so we were raised with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution as local history, as something living and very real. Khizr Khan is from my hometown and when he offered Trump his pocket Constitution, it resonated for a reason,” said Emergence co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Eric Verkerke. “The Constitution applies to everyone, and those principles translate into any language. The First Amendment is black and white on freedom of religion, speech, press, and protest - all the things Trump is trampling,” he added.


“When Emergence approached us with this idea, I knew we had to do it,” said Stacy Sullivan, associate director of strategic communications at the ACLU.  “So much of the work we do at the ACLU revolves around the First Amendment. It grants freedom of speech, freedom of the press,  freedom to peaceably protest, as well as the right to practice your religion without being discriminated against for doing so. Seeing it translated into other languages, at a time when President Trump’s rhetoric has been so hostile to immigrants, really struck a chord with us.” 

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